We are the ′Zoom adapted to chess tournaments‵

This is what we have called our system. After understanding that in order to control all kinds of cheating you need to know what the player is doing at all times, we decided to create a specific system for our tournaments that had to be much more efficient than the currently used ones, which are mostly based on video calls.
Our system consists of 3 fundamental pillars.


In each tournament, we will record each player separately along with their audio and screen. All these recordings will be available to referees and organisers so that they can analyse it and make appropriate decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

Our system is based on very innovative facial recognition technologies, which already work in other sectors. They will allow us to analyse each player in real time and in an automated way.

Games Analysis System

We have also developed a system that is very similar to the existing ones, based on statistical methods that compares the moves made by the player with those of the engine, among many other factors that takes into account.

For the players, the steps to follow are as comfortable and simple as the ones that they are currently following to play in the online tournaments. We have no extra requirements, they just need a computer and a webcam to play.

The big difference is all the extremely useful information provided to us organisers and arbiters thanks to the technologies that we are using. It allows us to make decisions in a very precise and well-founded way. Disqualifying a player for cheating is a very important decision, and it should be taken as objectively as possible.

Our commitment is to catch all the cheaters, but also to minimise the number of false positives, which are very harsh and unfair to honest players who suffer from them.

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