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Created by chess players for chess players, SzuperChess has been created with the aim of meeting a great need in the online chess sector: to effectively control and detect those players who cheat, so that our tournaments can be carried out in a professional and safe way.

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, there has been a boom in online chess. In recent months, thousands of online tournaments have been organised and many of them have had significant prizes. It has been very useful to replace those live tournaments that had to be cancelled, but also as a demonstration of the great potential of online chess in the future.

Online chess is clearly in an upward trend, since it has many advantages over live tournaments: chess players save a lot of time and money, as they can play from wherever and whenever they want.

However, in order to carry out online competitions safely and professionally, one must deal with the big problem of cheating players. The last few months have proven the strength of online chess but also the weakness that it unfortunately has.

The number of players caught cheating has grown exponentially, and this has caused many chess players to be wary of playing online tournaments, as the current methods used to deal with cheating are not entirely effective. There have been a lot of false positives and many players who cheat are not penalised for lack of evidence, which is very unfair to all those honest players like you who are simply trying to have fun playing their favorite sport and competing for prizes, just like they do in live tournaments, but without having to worry about whether the opponent has been using outside help or not.

That is why our team, after having spent a long time studying the sector, has come up with an anticheating system that allows us to analyse every player in a very precise and sophisticated way. We will do it while they compete in each of the tournaments without the player having to make an extra effort or buy any special device.

Joan Buch Prades

“At SzuperChess, we are building the future of online chess, and we want you to be part of this great project.”

Joan Buch Prades
CEO of SzuperChess



What kind of tournaments do you organise?

We organise tournaments for all kinds of players and levels. We also use different systems (Swiss, Arena, etc.) and game paces, in order to suit everyone's preferences. They can be our own tournaments or organised together with some of our partners.

How can I participate in a tournament?

You can check all the available tournaments here. In the description of each of them, the steps to follow will be displayed so that everything is very clear. Generally, we will provide a link to access the tournament and another link to access the anti-cheating software, which will be programmed for each tournament. Firstly, you must access the anti-cheating system and follow the simple steps that will be displayed. Then, you will simply access the tournament link without having to worry about anything else, just enjoying playing chess and doing your best.
Even so, if you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Will all the tournaments have prizes?

Yes. At SzuperChess we are dedicated to organising online chess tournaments that allow you to play in a safe and professional way, but that also allow you to feel the rush of the competition. That is why in all our tournaments you will be able to fight for the prizes, just like you do in live tournaments.

How much does it cost to participate in a tournament?

Registration fees will depend on each tournament, but a fixed fee will always be considered fair and consistent with the prizes. In general, registrations will be lower than the typical ones that you have to pay in live tournaments, which are usually excessive due to the expenses that its organisation involves. As our tournaments are online, we can set up much more affordable fees.

Will we have to download a software for the anti-cheating system? How does it work?

Yes, you will have to download a software that is very similar to Zoom or Skype. We will just send you a link for each tournament and the procedure will be very similar to a Zoom call. All the steps will be perfectly explained in the description provided for each tournament.
To learn more about how the system works, click here.

Do we need to buy any special device to participate in the tournaments?

No, you just need a computer with internet connection, one webcam and your computer's audio input working correctly.

Is there any available application to play on the mobile?

No, this first version of the software can only play with your computer. The mobile version is still under development.

Do you have your own game platform?

No, in this first version we have decided to focus exclusively on the anti-cheat system, as we consider it to be the greatest help we can bring to the chess world nowadays.
The tournaments will be played preferably through Lichess, although some of them can be played in other platforms if our partners require it. Our software is completely independent, like Zoom or Skype, so it can be used in a complementary way with any game platform.

Do you ensure us that nobody is going to cheat?

We cannot prevent players from trying to circumvent our system. What we can assure you is that we will be waiting for them and we will catch them.
We will not award any prizes until we are 200% sure that the winners deserve it.

I won a prize, what should I do?

The tournament organisers will contact you. If they do not contact you within 5 days after the end of the tournament, please write to us here.
Note that before paying the prizes, an exhaustive analysis of all the games and all the players will be carried out, in order to ensure that none of them have cheated. This is why winners are not paid out immediately.

Would it be possible to use your software to organise my own tournaments?

At SzuperChess we are constantly looking for partners to organise tournaments and grow together. If you are interested in using our software to organise your own tournaments or you think we could collaborate somehow, please, contact us! It will be a pleasure to talk to you.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
We will be glad to help you.