Secure online chess tournaments.

SzuperChess is the first real and effective solution to combat online cheating.

Thanks to our innovative anti-cheating system, from now on you will only have to focus on what is truly important: playing chess, enjoying the tournament and competing for the prizes.
The rest is up to us.


We understand you...

We have also suffered from cheaters in many tournaments,
and we know the anger and helplessness
that goes with it.

Our mission? That you never experience that situation again.

We know what the game is about

We are a great team of professional chess players, international arbiters, computer scientists and experts who allow us to ensure maximum professionalism and security in each of our tournaments.

We also have the support of many collaborators and partners from +20 countries: clubs, federations, organisers, recognised masters and streamers.

How to play


Choose the tournament you would like to participate in. We offer different options for all kinds of players.


Follow the detailed instructions for each tournament.


Do your best and enjoy!

Don't worry about cheaters!


Apart from thoroughly analysing all the games, our powerful software will be controlling
the players while they play so that they comply with the rules at all times.
If they dare to cheat, we will catch them!


Why play online tournaments?


Maximum comfort. Play from wherever you want.
Save time. Avoid traveling and waiting too much time in between the rounds.
Maximum flexibility. Play whenever you like, without having to wait for a live tournament to be held nearby or to fit into your schedule.
Maximum professionalism. Keep competing for prizes, just like you do in live tournaments, without having to worry about anything else.
Save money. Forget about paying for accommodation and transportation to the venue where the tournament is held.
We protect you from cheaters.

Are you interested in our anti-cheating system? Let’s talk!


At SzuperChess we are continuously looking for partners to grow together
and advance the chess world.

If you organise tournaments or you have a project within the chess world,
or you just think we can collaborate somehow, contact us!

We will be delighted to talk to you and discuss it.